Genuine Moroccan products at Souq Essaouira

Inside ElManza restaurant, Souq Essaouira displays a variety of Moroccan products. Here you can buy couscous, spices, Moroccan Harissa, clay Tagine pots, Moroccan tea pots and glasses, olive oil and Argan oil, and Moroccan pastries that are prepared at the restaurant.

These are some of the products you can buy at Souq Essaouira in ElManza restaurant:

Moroccan ghee

Moroccan ghee is considered one of the secrets of Moroccan cuisine. With a distinct thyme note, it is skilfully used in recipes to give Moroccan food its unique flavour. Moroccan ghee is used in the preparation of most Moroccan dishes in which meat is the main ingredient.


Couscous is made of wheat or corn flour, and comes in the form of small granules. It is traditionally cooked by steaming, after which meat and various fresh vegetables such as courgette, carrots and green beans are added to it, along with milk or butter, and castor sugar to taste. The marvellous Moroccan national dish is considered one of the main meals across the country.

Moroccan Olive Oil

Moroccan olive oil is characterised by fine quality, low acidity, delicious taste, and genuine smell. There are several types of Moroccan olive oil, and it is frequently used in the preparation of Moroccan dishes as it possesses many health benefits due to its richness in healthy fats and vitamins.

Moroccan Black and Red Olives

Moroccan black and red olives are served as a side dish with all meals, throughout the day. They are also included in the preparation of several dishes such as Tagine. Black and red olives are considered one of the mainstays of Moroccan cuisine, and they are prepared by a special method that combines aromatic herbs and flavourings.

Argan Oil

There are two types of Argan oil; one is valued for its nutritious properties and the other for its cosmetic properties. Often described as liquid gold, Argan oil is rich in Omega 3 and Vitamin E, and is frequently used in traditional Moroccan kitchens. The other kind of Argan oil is used by Moroccan ladies as a skin nourishing moisturiser or as a natural wrinkle reducer.

Moroccan Preserved Lemons (Al Hamod Al Maseer)

Moroccan dishes are globally renowned for using a type of preserved lemon called Al Hamod Al Maseer, and these preserved lemons are available at Souq Essaouira for you to purchase. The preparation of this dish usually takes five weeks and it is vital in the preparation of a large number of Moroccan dishes.

Moroccan Harissa (Al Shatta)

A spicy traditional Moroccan sauce, Harissa is made ​​from finely ground red peppers. Olive oil is added to temper it and reduce its spiciness.


Many kinds of fresh pastries are baked passionately in the kitchen, and they are characterised by great diversity and a wonderful taste. Souq Essaouira offers a wide selection of fresh Moroccan pastries, which you can purchase to continue enjoying a delightful experience at home.

Ka’eb Al Ghazal:

The most famous Moroccan pastry, made ​​of dough stuffed with ground almonds, and usually served ​​on special occasions.

Al Ghoraybe:

Considered a key traditional Moroccan pastry. With time, the  methods of preparation have witnessed some changes, but they remain the most popular kind of desserts in Moroccan cuisine.


Fried sweets made ​​from almonds and soaked in honey with nuts sprinkled on top.

Al Slew:

A traditional Moroccan pastry served during the holy month of Ramadan as a breakfast dish. Garnished with almonds, it is temptingly delicious and is valued for its nutritional properties.

Al Faqas:

A pastry made of almonds and raisins, prepared in a variety of methods, and with several flavours.

Al Shubaqeya:

An assortment of sweets that are considered a delicacy in the Moroccan cuisine.


Many Moroccan spices are brought directly from Morocco and sold at Souq Essaouira. All the spices are prepared following traditional Moroccan methods, and they include:

Ra’es Al Hanoot:

A mixed flavour Moroccan seasoning, its includes seven kinds of spices – cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, white pepper, dried coriander, turmeric and caraway. It is considered one of the most popular of all Moroccan spices, and is used in the preparation of most dishes as it gives food a distinctive flavour.

Red pepper:

It is used in the preparation of many traditional Moroccan dishes, as well as in making appetisers and pickles.


Used in the preparation of many Moroccan dishes, it features therapeutic benefits and is known for its beautiful aroma.

Moroccan Paprika:

One of the most celebrated spices worldwide.

Moroccan Tagine Pots

You can buy Tagine pots at Souq Essaouira. Tagine is a clay casserole used for oven-based cooking and is also used to refer to the dishes that are prepared in this pot. Clay pots add a distinctive flavor to food and is considered one of the healthiest ways to cook. Once ready, the Tagine is usually placed inside a brass dish to be served.