A taste of Morocco
Authenticity of Moroccan cuisine, diversity of exquisite flavours

Moroccan cooking features distinct and unique flavours making it one of the world’s most popular international cuisines. Often characterised by sumptuous aromas and delicious flavours, popular dishes like the Tagine have enjoyed great success because of the delicate infusion of aromatic spices and fresh herbs. Contemporary Moroccan cuisine consist of healthy low-fat dishes; while a large number of dishes are prepared using an oil-free steam cooking method; other dishes are prepared using olive oil and argan oil. Spices are carefully selected to add an exotic flavour without upsetting the essence flavour of the ingredients.

Morocco’s prosperous history and mature traditions has inspired its cuisine over the years. Arab, Berber and Spanish cultures have highly influenced the Moroccan cuisine, making it rich and distinguished. There is a famous Arabic saying, “If you have not tasted Moroccan food yet, you have not tried the real taste of food.” To discover its meaning, you must visit ElManza restaurant.